Sunday, 24 April 2011

The struggle of a father .....

Can not said by A Father

Typically, for a girl of full age, who was working, who joined her husband wander outside the city or abroad, who were at school or college away from her parents .. will often feel very missed by his mother.

So what about DAD?

Maybe because she is more often called to see you doing every day, but do you know, if it turns out DAD was the one who reminds mother to call you?

Maybe once when you're little, my mother was the one who more often take you tell or berdongeng, but you know that after Father's work and with FATHER tired face always asked my mother about it going and what do you do all day?

By the time you are still a little girl .. DAD usually taught her little daughter to ride a bike. And can pick up after DAD, DAD will release the auxiliary wheel in your bike ...

Then Mother said: "Not yet Dad, do not be removed once the wheels help him"

Mother was afraid last fall wounded sweet daughter ....

But realize you?

That DAD for sure will let you, look at you, and take care of pedaling carefully because she knows her little girl SURE CAN.

When you cry whine request new dolls or toys, she looked at you with pity. But Dad would say emphatically: "Can we buy it later, but not now"

Did you know, do it because DAD DAD did not want you to be a spoiled child with all the demands which can always be met?

When you're a cold, FATHER who was too afraid to yell sometimes a little by saying: "Already in the say! You do not drink cold water!".

Unlike the mother who observe and advise you gently. Know when it is really worrying DAD doin.

When you've got teenagers .... You start demanding the DAD to be able to license out the night, and the DAD be firm and say: "Not allowed!".
Did you know that Dad did that to take care of you? Due to the DAD, you are something very - very unusual precious ..

After that you're mad at DAD, and entered the room, slamming the door ... And who comes knocking doors and persuade you to not upset the mother ....

Did you know that when it DAD closed his eyes and holding within his inner turmoil, that the DAD was eager to follow your wishes, but again he MUST take care of you?

When when a guy started to call you often, or even come to the house to see you, Dad would put the world's coolest face .... :

DAD eavesdropping or peeping occasionally while you are chatting together in the living room ..

You realize, if liver DAD feel jealous?

When you begin to be more credible, and DAD slightly loosen the rules to leave the house for you, you will be forced to violate at night.

So who do DAD is sitting in the living room, and waiting to go home with a heart that is very worrying ... and after feeling worried that a protracted ... when she saw her little girl came home late at night hearts will harden and DAD DAD memarahimu .. .

You realize, that this was because it was feared that the DAD is coming soon? "That little girl will soon leave DAD"

After graduating from high school, DAD will be a little force you to become a doctor or engineer.

Know that all coercion is done DAD it alone - the eyes just thinking about your future later ...

But anyway DAD keep smiling and supporting you when your choice is not in accordance with the wishes DAD

When you become an adult girl .... and you have to go to college another town ... DAD should let you at the airport.

Did you know that the body was stiff to hold you DAD?

Dad just smiled as he gave this advice - that, and tell you to be careful. .

Whereas DAD want to cry like a mother and hug her tight.

A DAD to do is remove a little tear in the corner of his eyes, and patted the shoulder saying "Take care of yourself well yes dear".

DAD did it all for you STRONGER ... strong to go and become adults.

When you need money to finance half of the money and life, the first person is frowned DAD.

DAD must have tried hard to find a way so that their children can feel the same with other friends.

When the request is no longer simply asking a new doll, and DAD knew he could not give what you want ...

The words that come out of the mouth of DAD is: "No. .... No way!"

Whereas in the inner DAD, he was eager to say "Yes dear, I'll buy you a FATHER."

Did you know that at that moment felt DAD failed to make his son smile?

It's time you graduated as a scholar.

DAD was the first to stand up and applaud you.

DAD will smile with pride and satisfaction of seeing "a spoiled little girl who did not grow up successfully, and has become someone"

Until now, a friend Lelakimu come to the house and asked for permission to DAD to take you from him.

DAD will be very careful about giving permission ..

Because DAD know .....

That man is what will replace his position later.

And finally .... When DAD saw you sitting on the bridal dais Stage
with one man who in the think of it worthy of replacing it, DAD
smiled happily ....

Do you know, in a happy day it went backward stage DAD minute, and crying?

DAD crying because DAD is very happy, then pray .... DAD In a quiet prayer to God, DAD said: "O Lord my job was well done .... My little girl is cute and I love has become a beautiful woman .... Bahagiakanlah she and her husband ..."

After that DAD can only wait your arrival with his grandchildren who occasionally come to visit ...

With that hair and the white .... And body and arms are no longer strong enough to take care of you from danger ....

DAD has completed his job ....

DAD, Dad, Papa or our Abah ... Is the figure which should always look strong ... Even when he was not strong to not cry ...

He should see the firm even when he wants to pamper you. .

And he was the first person who always believes that "YOU CAN" in all things ..

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