Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lying is a sin

Islam tells us to do good and forbid evil deeds. Including from evil deeds and started again by the Muslims adl lie or a lie. Adl falsely indicate something different from who actually. This lie can be done with target actions or beliefs. Lying with adl target as the word of God Almighty who says "Verily, who invent a lie is just the people who do not believe in the revelations of Allah and they are the liars.". Lying with adl act as word of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla "Then they came to their father in the afternoon, crying.". Joseph's brothers to show a sense crying for telling a case which seemed to have happened but in reality does not exist. Lying in adl confidence just as the Lord Almighty "When the hypocrites come to you they say 'We recognize that thou art truly the messenger of God.' And God knows that you are truly His apostles, and God knows that real hypocrites really lies. ". This means that they lied in their beliefs. In goal they justify what is spoken by the Messenger of Allah but they adl people who lie krn words not in accordance with what was in their hearts. They all lie either reply with a greeting charity and liars who keyakinannnya adl disgraceful. They adl people who hated by Allaah and cursed either in heaven or on earth. ".. Curse of Allah is inflicted upon those who lie.". Maasyiral Muslims rakhimakumullah! God Almighty has warned us not to do a lie and telling us that the lie was included from the habits of people infidels and hypocrites of the Jews who hated and cursed by God Almighty. Allah says regarding the unbelievers with the "Allah never mensyariatkan the bahiirah saaibah washiilah and haam. But those who disbelieve invent a lie against Allah, and most of them do not understand. ". They adl people who justify what is forbidden and forbid what Allah made lawful by God. God menyifati them with a liar who often invent something. They say on the basis of God what they do not know. Similarly with the Jews who hopefully accursed by God Almighty they were begging to get a victory over the infidels they let you know that a prophet will come to them and they hope that the prophet from among the Children of Israel. But when Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad who are not descendants of the Israelites they would deny it. Allah says "And We have brought al-books to Moses and we have menyusulinya after that with the apostles and We gave clear proofs to Jesus son of Mary and we reinforce it with Ruhul-Qudus. Do any come unto you a messenger to bring something that is not in accordance with your wishes then you brag, so how many people you deny and deny some people you and beberpa people you killed? ". Thus the condition of the salt who disbelieve. "It has lost the people who denied the meeting with God, so that when the apocalypse came to them with a sudden they say 'What a regret we are against our neglect of the Resurrection!" While they bear the sins on his back. Remember very bad thing that they carry it. ". They were adl the people who make false and disbelieving as the din and place them back adl hell. "Indeed there was hell again become a place where scouts come back for those who exceed their limit of stay in it for centuries they do not feel the coolness in it and no beverages other than water which boils and pus in retaliation for which they are not afraid of the real worth the reckoning and they belied Our verses with really true. ". Replies adl they lie in eternal hell and eternal adzab reply. And someone that still lie and lie so that God chose to write on his side as people who lie. Lie it leads to where? leads to disobedience actions. Then this disobedience will lead to where? leads to hell. So very evil liar again very evil place where the re-those who disbelieve. Evil back where the people who arrogant. Hell prepared by God Almighty for those who make false as the Shari'a and the religion. Maasyiral Muslims rakhimakumullah! Prophet ordered us to be true and honest. God Almighty has said, "O people who believe fear Allah and be with people offline.". Allah praised those who muhajirin-may Allah be pleased with them-and menyifatinya with honest. "For poor people who emigrated which they were expelled from their homes and their wealth they expect Fadhilah of God and His keridhaaan and they helped Allah and His Messenger, they adl distinguished people." They justify what is to come of the Prophet. They fulfill the promise which they gave to God. They also strive in Allah's way with a distinguished sesunguhnya jihad. They were patient in all places. So God memjuji them in the Qur'an. Messenger of Allah gave glad tidings to those who distinguished with jannah. Messenger of Allah said of Abi Abi Umaamah and narrated by David "I am the guarantor of home in rabdhil adl-jannah jannah what is all around-for anyone who left the debate even though he was right. I adl guarantor in the middle of paradise for those who leave the lie even though it was a joke and I adl guarantor on a paradise for anyone who either have a certain character. "Lies adl bad and ugly. Messenger of Allah said "The signs of the hypocrite are three tell a lie if and when the promise to deny, and if given the mandate of treason." "There are four things which whoever was in it then he was a pure hypocrite. And whoever wrote in it are one of the four temperaments that he has the temperament of hypocrisy, so he left it when speaking deceit; if given the mandate of treason, if the promise to deny, and when the quarrel with transgressors. "Maasyiral Muslims rakhimakumullah! Whatever the cause lies must we stay away. Therefore let us keep the target behavior and beliefs of the things which lead to the action lies. Al-Islam - and Islam Indonesia Communication Center

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