Friday, 22 April 2011

Mother Is Everything

Remember Mother Love You ...

One time a baby is ready to be born into the world. By revealed he asked the Lord, "The angels are here to say that tomorrow you are sending to the world, but how do I live there, I was so small and weak," said the baby.

God replied, "I have chosen an angel for you, he will keep you and love you."

"But in heaven, what I do is sing and laugh, it's enough for me to be happy." So says the baby.

God replied, "Your angel will sing and smile for you every day, and you will feel the warmth of her love and so much happier.

The baby was asked, "And how can I understand when people talk if I do not understand their language?".

Again and again the Lord answered, "Your angel will speak to you with the most beautiful language you've ever heard, and with great patience and attention he will teach you how to talk."

The bayipun asked back, "And what can I do when I want to talk to you?"

Once again the Lord answered, "Your angel will teach you how to pray."

The bayipun still not satisfied, he asked again, "I heard that on earth there are bad men, who will protect me?"

With patience Lord replied, "Your angel will protect you, with the stakes even his soul."

The bayipun still not satisfied and continued the question, "But I'll be sad not to see you again."

And the Lord replied, "Your angel will tell you about Me and will teach you how to get back to me, even though I'm always on your side."

At that moment heaven was so quiet, so the sound of the earth can be heard and the child in a low voice asked, "Lord, if I must go now, can you tell who the name of the angel at my house later?"

Lord replied, "You can call angel ... MOTHER ..."

Remember Mother Love You ...

For the mother who always moved to tears when I go ... ..

Remember friends, when your mother was willing to see you sleep without blankets, sleeping with two blankets wrapped yenyak body ..

Remember friends ...

when the mother's fingers gently stroking his head .. and remember

when water drips from the eyes of your mother's eyes when he saw you lying ill

Comrade .. jenguklah occasional mother who was always waiting for that first home kepulanganmu you were born,

friends .. sorry back to your mother who is always ri! ndu will your smile. Keep busy-busy world for a moment that always makes you forget to go home,

immediately jenguk memantimu mother who stood by the door until malampun more soluble.

Comrade .. do not let you lose, the moments that will you miss in the future. when the mother was dead ..

No more standing in the doorway to welcome us .. no more beautiful smile ... a sign of happiness. there was just an empty room no inhabitants, only the clothes hanging in her bedroom closet. Nothing else is preparing breakfast for you to eat, no longer are willing to take care of you until late at night when you are sick ... no more and there will be no more tears in every gust of breath mendo'akanmu.

Comrade .. come back soon. hug the mother who always love you ..

Kiss the feet of mother who always miss you and give the best in the end.

Comrade berdo'alah for health and taste the embrace of love and affection do not let you regret in the future back to the mother who always love you ..

Remember all - love and affection ...

Mother .. I'm sorry to any time will not be rewarded ...

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